solutions for small companies

Running a small business is not easy – especially now. You need a partner to help you overcome obstacles to make the business thrive. We help you through the challenging times of your growth.

Small businesses get to the point where they need to:

  • establish an organizational structure,
  • effectively distribute work with good job descriptions,
  • establish effective internal communication,
  • establish performance management and performance rewording,
  • introduce a business process approach to HRM.

FledgeWorks & Tosla - comprehensive HR solution

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Tosla challenges

  • The company’s rapid growth has raised the challenges of human resources management. The company wanted to establish a structured approach to HR management and to identify key HR processes. In doing so, they also wanted to increase the competence and loyalty of employees and the success of their work.
  • Management was aware that the achievement of ambitious goals required competent, motivated and loyal staff. The aim was to establish the internal efficiency of the organization that would enable product quality in the rapid growth phase of the company and the quality quality management of employees.

We help you:

  • Establish an organizational structure, create a Job Classification, job descriptions and the HR rules and policies.
  • Establish key HR processes that you will effectively implement in the FledgeHR application, with which you can start working immediately, as it is user-friendly and easy.
  • Establish performance management and focused development of employees, especially in specific competencies that are most important for successful work.
  • We can professionally perform HR tasks for you (as HR outsourcing or Interim management), so all your employees can be involved in the growth of your company.

Successful implementation of FledgeWorks - case study:

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