solutions for medium sized companies

The FledgeWorks solution is always turnkey, depending on the specifics and goals of the client. FledgeWorks solution covers three key components:

  • Consulting and knowledge for the successful establishment of effective HR processes (Fledge services),
  • software for their implementation (FledgeHR) and
  • training of employees in the human resources department and leaders for successful management of new HR processes (Fledge services).

Project of digitalization and update of HR processes

Human capital management is on the brink of huge changes, so the management of medium-sized companies want to provide an appropriate response to new challenges and make the transition to a strategic, winning approach to human capital management. This transition is only possible with the digitalization of the HR function, because in this way you can obtain the data and information you need for strategic decisions with just a click.

After the analysis, we create and manage for you the project for an update and digitalization of HR processes, with the aim that your HR function gains a strategic focus, in line with the goals and vision of your company. Strategic focus means directing the work and development of employees to areas that are crucial for achieving the company’s strategic goals and not just the administration.

Implementation includes defining or updating and establishing key HR processes for efficient and friendly work:

  • Employment
  • Onboarding
  • Management of employee performance
  • Rewards for work performance
  • Learning and development
  • Promotions and successions
  • Offboarding

The introduction of individual processes can be gradual.

Before defining and establishing personnel processes, it is crucial to establish the basis for their successful implementation, this usually includes:

  • Editing and importing data into the FledgeHR ​​application and assisting in the collection of data from existing information systems.
  • Digitization of the organizational structure as a basis for the automation of HR processes and procedures, thus enabling the decentralization of procedures and the engagement of managers and employees for the independent implementation of certain HR processes.
  • Automation of administrative procedures to save time and efficient data management of many employees.
  • Competence model, which includes general and specific competencies, for focused development in skills and abilities that are most important for successful work and based on which we can calculate the success of investments in employee’s development.
  • Generating reports tailored to the needs of the client, which provide information for making quality management decisions.
  • Integrated payroll system with HR system for data consistency.
  • Automatic data transfer between key enterprise applications and HR application.
  • Integration with identity management systems.

Successful implementation of FledgeWorks - case study:

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