FledgeWorks services

FledgeWorks services, in conjunction with FledgeWorks products, provide comprehensive support for the digital transformation of HRM.

  • Business consulting
  • The introduction of the process approach in the HR department
  • Software implementation
  • Training
  • Outsourcing

Due to many years of experience in the field of management, we understand how your company works, so we can create a business plan for you that will ensure your success in the future. During the transition, we offer you a hand and extra strength.

We perform:

  • Analysis of the situation and making recommendations for business improvements.
  • Consulting and preparation of a strategic business plan.
  • Advising on reorganization or establishing a new organizational structure.
  • Advising on the introduction of a process approach.

Contemporary  HR department must offer added value for the success of a company and not just deal with administration. It needs to shift its focus to a strategic function that will support the vision and achievement of the company’s goals. A friendly process approach is necessary for the efficient implementation of HR tasks.

The introduction of the process approach takes place in steps, tailored to the client. The general steps are as follows:

  • Creation of a systematization and job clasification related to salary grades as a basis for the successful implementation of HR processes.
  • Cration of HR policies and rules . The service includes:
    • elaboration of rules on systematisation, salaries, employment relationships, management, authorizations and other rules tailored to the client.
    • model of general and specific competencies for the targeted development of employees .
    • In accordance with the vision, goals and key success factors of the client, we create a model of general competencies.
    • definition of jobs competency profiles.
    • catalog for specific competencies and instructions for use in job positions.
    • introducing a methodology for assessing the competence of employees.
  • Establishing the employment process:
    • We define the course of the process phases: tender, management of the candidate base, selection on the basis of potential and competence, selection of the most suitable candidate according to potential and competence, employment.
  • Establishing the Onboarding process.
    • We define the course of the phases of the process: establishing a team for introduction to work, setting goals, reviewing activities, evaluating the success of the process.
  • Establishing a performance management process.
    • We establish a process based on management by objecitves or management by objectives and key results, which includes: Creating personal business plans for employees with criteria for measuring performance, defining how to communicate objectivescand evaluating the performance, which is the basis for objective rewarding for performance.
  • Establishing performance rewarding process.
    • We define a system for calculating the variable part of the salary based on the performance of the organization and the individual.
  • Establishing the process of Employee Development and Talent Management.
    • Establish effective targeted development based on general and specific competencies,
    • define the methodology for assessing competence,
    • define the method of making development plans,
    • define the planning of promotions and successions.
  • Establishing a feedback exchange system.
    • We introduce an effective system of communication between managers and employees and between individual teams in the company.
  • We perform the function of project management in the introduction of a process approach in the HR function

Implementation is key to the success of a solution. We do for you:

  • Analysis of the situation and preparation of a plan for software implementation.
  • Digitization of the organizational structure of the company.
  • Data capture, preparation and input.
  • Software configuration.
  • Software customizations.
  • Training of administrators and users.
  • Integration of Fledge software with client software.
  • Customer support.

In addition to processes and effective tools, is crucial the competence of employees, so we offer:

  • Training of management for the implementation of HR processes.
  • Training of HR staff to manage HR processes.
  • Training of employees to acquire general and specific competencies.
  • Outsourcing of HR function for managing HR processes and HR administration. The service is especially useful for growing companies that need to focus on their business. Get a digital platform and an experienced HR professional who is always available.
  • Interim Human Resources Manager - gain an experienced manager to quickly share expertise, define HR processes, and address HR issues. The main advantage of temporary HR management is the ability to solve problems quickly and save costs. The interim manager can use his knowledge to provide more efficient solutions and improve the long-term efficiency of HR processes in the company. Last but not least, temporary management saves the client the need to hire an otherwise expensive specialist.
  • Profiling job candidates to determine compliance with job requirements. The expert conducts testing and interviews with candidates, assesses potential, developed competencies and assesses compliance with job requirements. The service ensures you hire the right people. Only working in accordance with one's own potentials and interests gives genuine internal motivation and ensures the satisfaction of the employee and the employer.

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