Enterprise level HCM application for companies of all sizes.

FledgeHR is comprehensive software solution for human capital management, which helps create high performing culture by developing Motivated, Competent and Satisfied employees.

7 benefits of using FledgeHR software

Comprehensive HCM app

Support for all HCM processes and functions needed for efficient management of employees’ knowledge, habits, social and personality attributes, as well as ability to perform tasks and achieve goals: HR Administration, Recruiting, On-boarding, Performance and Talent management.


Ease of use

Great user interface, designed to meet the demands of business users and modern web application design rules. Simple, intuitive and logical navigation throughout the rich content of the application makes it easy to use.


Content is included

Unlike most HRM and HCM applications, FledgeHR provides templates for specific content, such as job descriptions, contract templates, on-boarding activities, behavioral descriptions of competencies and much more.


Multi-country, multi-legislation, multi-lingual

FledgeHR supports international, multi-legislation, and multi-lingual organizations. Each user can set the culture by getting the user interface and certain content in the chosen language.


Cost efficiency through flexible licensing

Pay as you go. FledgeHR flexible Licensing allows customers to choose and pay only for modules and number of licenses, which are required at a certain stage in the development of your business.


Data Security & GDPR Compliance

Standard software security principles are embedded on all layers of the application. We can proudly say that FledgeHR is GDPR ready and provides data privacy by design and by default.


Cloud technology provides 99,7% availability

• Reduced time to benefit: the app is already installed and configured
• No additional hardware/software license costs
• New upgrades: instantly available
• Tried and tested: already comes with best practices inside

Top motivations to use the cloud for HR processes
Lower cost of ownership 80%
Depend less on IT 70%
Software innovation, quick releases 60%

Simple, intuitive and easy to use