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  • Implementation of integrated information support for HR processes and payroll.
  • Increasing the efficiency of HR processes.
  • Digitalization of all HR processes.
  • Optimization of data preparation and payroll process.
  • Consistency of data transferring from HR to the payroll system.
  • Updating the employee performance management process.
  • Updating monitoring, evaluation, and rewarding of performance.


Nova KBM is a universal, systemically important bank with more than 150 years of banking tradition in Slovenia. Under the auspices of Apollo Global Management International Finance Fund, L.L.C. (Apollo) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is realizing the vision of becoming the best bank in Slovenia. The bank, which had 1,151 employees on 1.4. 2020 and is the second largest bank in Slovenia, provides quality, modern, safe and profitable financial solutions for achieving personal and business goals. In February 2020, Nova KBM successfully completed the acquisition of Abanka and began the process of merging the two banks, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2020. The new, merged bank will be even stronger and will be present throughout the country with the most extensive network.


Nova KBM is aware that for the provision of quality banking services, employee development and effective management of human resources processes is crucial. In recent years, under the auspices of the new management, they have systematically improved the internal efficiency of the organization, with the aim of ensuring compliance with the five-pillar business strategy: employee development and organizational culture, excellence in customer service, operational efficiency, growth and profitability, risk management and business compliance.

In the area of ​​human resources – human resource management, the renewal of work processes was focused on the goal of quick access and exchange of key data, introduction of efficient work processes and monitoring the achievement of planned individual performance goals. Due to the large number of employees, complex procedures, some of which have so far been managed non-automatically, and diversified organization, the bank needed a comprehensive digitalization of HR processes and the payroll process.

Objectives set at the beginning of the project:

  • More efficient and faster implementation of HR administration and HR processes of recruitment, onboarding, performance management, performance rewarding and employee development.
  • Optimize and speed up all data preparation procedures and payroll process and other payments.
  • Update and automate the process of monitoring, evaluating and rewarding employee performance, which will take into account both the performance of the individual and the performance of the company.
  • Ensure uniform inputs of all data and 100% consistency.
  • Eliminate inconsistencies and automate the transfer of data from the HR to the payroll system.

Case study


The solution for Nova KBM was the implementation of the integrated applications FledgeHR and FledgePayroll, which provide a digital platform for the achievement of all the objectives of the client in the project of the renovation of human resources processes. 

The FledgeHR solution enables the establishment of complex organization structures across different business segments and functions of the organization. Job elements are cost canters, work centers and positions of employees in the organizational structure of the bank that connect with each other. All this makes it easy to review the whole organization and review the classification of workers by job and position. 

The human resources administration in FledgeHR is simple and transparent, repetitive work is automated. 

After completion of the implementation of all modules, FledgeHR solution will enable the digitalization and efficiency of all human resources processes: recruitment, onboarding, performance management, employee rewarding and development, in accordance with the specific and general competences required for successful and efficient work for individual jobs. FledgeHR also enables the assessment of competences according to 360-degree method and results-oriented development of employees into those competences that are most important for excellent work. 

The solution for payroll and other payments FledgePayroll enables quick preparation and processing of data. With embedded automated controls, it ensures the consistency and 100% accuracy of the data in the payroll process. With the help of dynamic reports, all required printouts and reports are generated. 


Synchronized, parallel implementation of solutions – FledgeHR ​​and FledgePayroll.

Phase 1: Preparation and launch of the FledgeHR ​​application.

Phase 2: Phase: establishment of the organization and HR administration.

  • Set up a New KBM organization in the FledgeHR app.
  • Preparation and import of employee’s data into FledgeHR.

Phase 3: Preparation and launch of the FledgePayroll application.

  • FledgePayroll connection to the presence registration system.
  • Clearing salaries and other payments in FledgePayroll.
  • Connection to back-office systems (General Ledger, Bank net) and FledgePayroll.
  • FledgeHR ​​& Payroll: Electronic notification of payouts.

Phase 4: Preparation of consolidated data for actual parallel settlements

  • Local and customer settings.
  • Migration of Test data.
  • Testing together with the user, introductory presentation.
  • Detailed training on test data.
  • Establishment of the salary part of the HR records.
  • Preparation of data for billing – “presence”.

Phase 5: three parallel test calculations

  • Input data from the “old” production calculation.
  • Verification of calculations, recapitulations, REK forms, transfers.
  • Three parallel comparative calculations were performed.
  • Production launch of the solution.

Phase 6: HR processes are still in the implementation phase:

  • Management by objectives and reward system,
  • Personnel selection and selection process,
  • Onboarding and trial periods.

7. The following processes will be implemented:

  • Employee Learning and Development process,
  • Models of specific (functional) competencies,
  • Career development process,
  • HR Planning.

Phase 8: improvements, further development.



  • The solution uniformly digitalized HR processes and HR administration, as well as all procedures for the preparation and calculation of payroll and other payments.
  • The digital organization chart enables transparency and clarity of positions, work centers and cost centers.
  • All employees have access from various electronic devices to their personal folders with data and documents. They can communicate and change their data, on the basis of which their rights are exercised, via electronically submitted applications.
  • Creating HR documents with the help of templates and automation is possible with just a few clicks.
  • FledegHR enables performance management with management by obyectives to set expectations for employees so that they can know exactly what is expected of them.
  • Performance evaluation and consequent rewarding is based on clearly defined measurement criteria.
  • Employee development will be based on the general competencies model and the catalog of specific competencies.
  • The FledgeHR system is substantively and process-wise connected and integrated with the FledgePayroll payroll system, which ensures accuracy and speed in the preparation of payroll data, as there is no need to enter additional HR data on the salary module side and consequently errors due to inconsistent data.
  • With built-in logic adapted to work in large business environments, FledgePayroll has enabled faster and more efficient work in the processes of preparation and execution of billing and reporting.
  • Additional reports, tailor-made for the client, will enable the printing of customized and specific quality information for making important management decisions.


  • Digitalization has increased the efficiency of HR processes and administration.
  • Easy and comprehensive insight into data on employees and their location in the organization.
  • Faster and more efficient work of data preparation and implementation of procedures for payroll and other payments.
  • 100% compliance with the GDPR regulation is ensured (data security, audit trail, enforcement of individual rights via electronic forms).
  • The system ensures, through FledgeHR ​​and FledgePayroll, a single entry of all information.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of employees is carried out efficiently and transparently, and employees are always aware of the expectations and criteria for measuring their performance success.
  • FledgeHR ​​provides adequate feedback frequency, as the delivery method is digitized and therefore quick and easy.
  • Employee development is focused on the knowledge, skills and abilities that are most important for successful work.

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