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In the modern information age, it is crucial for large companies that the HR function has a strategic focus. 

Medium size

Human capital management is on the brink of huge changestherefore company management needs to provide an appropriate response to new challenges. 


Running a small business is not easy – especially nowYou need a partner to help you overcome obstacles.

Why FledgeWorks?

Gain transparency and control for management

FledgeWorks offers complete transparency and control over HR, enabling management informed decisions. All relevant HR data are on a single software platform, inconsistencies are eliminated.

Empower your HR department

With automation of human resources processes, FledgeWorks enables your HR department to shift the focus from administration to a more strategic function, in line with the company's vision and goals.

Empower your employees

FledgeWorks allows employees independently accessing HR data, documents and information anytime, anywhere, from a variety of electronic devices in accordance with their user rights.

Increase cost efficiency

Your overall HR management will be easy and user-friendly on one digital platform. You will save time. And as we all know: time is money.

Create a great employee experience

Employee-friendly digital environment creates excellent employee experiences, provides quick and efficient onboarding of new hires, increases employees loyalty and motivation.


With more than 20 years of experience in HRM, we understand how your organization works, so we can prepare for you a digital transformation plan aligned with your business vision for optimisation of the business value that your company can create with FledgeWorks.

Retain and attract talent

FledgeWorks allows you to assess, analyze, forecast, maintain and develop talent relevant to the future growth of your business.

FledgeWorks & Nova KBM - Comprehensive HRM solution

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Nova KBM challenges

  • Introduction of integrated information support for HR processes and payroll.
  • Increasing the efficiency of HR processes.
  • Digitalization of all HR processes.
  • Optimization of data preparation and payroll process.
  • Ensure data consistency in the transfer from the HR to the payroll system.
  • Updating of the employee performance management process.
  • Updating of performance monitoring, evaluation and rewarding.

FledgeWorks & Tosla - Comprehensive HRM solution

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Tosla challenges

  • The company’s rapid growth has raised the challenges of human resources management. The company wanted to establish a structured approach to HR management and to identify key HR processes. In doing so, they also wanted to increase the competence and loyalty of employees and the success of their work.
  • Management was aware that the achievement of ambitious goals required competent, motivated and loyal staff. The aim was to establish the internal efficiency of the organization that would enable product quality in the rapid growth phase of the company and the quality quality management of employees.

Simple, intuitive and user-friendly tool.

A key part of FledgeWorks solutions are products that enable the digitalization of human capital management. Digitalization is nowadays essential to provide the necessary information for strategic decision-making, process efficiency and for agility and employee satisfaction.


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